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Employment Project



Do you live in New York?

Do you identify as trans, genderqueer or non-binary?

Are you between the ages of 18-27?

If so, join our Employment Project and help address the issues posed by the employment challenges and economic insecurity transgender and gender non conforming people face!

In a US study of 1,093 transgender persons, 38% reported problems getting a job and 23% reported losing their job because of being transgender. Little is known about the individual experiences of transgender people in the workforce, and even less is known about the preparedness of human resource and vocational service professionals to assist transgender individuals with job readiness, with making a gender role transition on the job, and with vocational rehabilitation.

To fill this gap in knowledge, the Employment Projects aims to:

  • Investigate in depth the experiences of transgender men and women finding a job and/or transitioning while on the job;
  • Examine barriers and facilitators to employment, and identify key components of job readiness and of successful gender transitions on the job;
  • Examine what constitutes a positive working experience with Human Resources Departments and professionals, and how their assistance impacts transgender people’s experiences on the job and their wellbeing.

The Employment Project is a study of Columbia University Medical Center, and is currently recruiting participants.

Eligible participants will be paid a total of $50 for participation in two in-person interviews.

For more information or to join the study please call:

(646) 774-6921 or (646) 774-6926 or email us.