Project AFFIRM


Project AFFIRM Presents at Atlanta’s Transgender Health and Education Alliance’s (THEA) Peach State Conference

Project AFFIRM - ATL presented at Atlanta’s Transgender Health and Education Alliance’s (THEA) Peach State conference on November 4th. AFFIRM-ATL Project Coordinator, Nat Truszczynski, interviewer, Antonio Garza, and Project AFFIRM-ATL Advisory board members, RoaCoughtry and Tori Cooper facilitated discussion in a packed room of researchers, activists, advocates and community members.

Project AFFIRM is a longitudinal study examining the identity development and resilience of trans and gender non-conforming people. There are two phases of the project, Phase I: the lifeline qualitative interview, and Phase II: the structure quantitative interview.

Together, the group presented on the research structure and findings of Project AFFIRM. Board members and staff discussed how Project AFFIRM is being conducted from research design, protocol, and development. Antonio shared experiences of interviewing, and feedback of current participants. Roan and Tori discussed the role of Project AFFIRM Advisory Board and shared how Project AFFIRM values and includes genderqueer, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming participants

Also discussed were the potentials ways that Project AFFIRM can grow and reach more people in Atlanta’s trans community. Attendees provided valuable feedback on where to recruit participants from as well as questions to add, and intersectional identities to examine.

Project AFFIRM has been invited to present again at THEA’s spring conference in May 27-28, 2017. We aim to present on recent findings from both phases and how findings can be used to help Atlanta community-based organizations better serve and affirm trans communities.

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Renato Barucco